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Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning

It’s safe to say that area rugs typically receive a lot of traffic. Rugs are often put down in high traffic areas to decorate the space and even protect the flooring, but who is going to protect the rugs? Regular area rug cleaning is a must to promote their performance and preserve their appearance.
Just like carpet and upholstery, area rugs act like giant air filters in your home. They trap dirt and allergens, keeping them out of the air you breathe. However, rugs are only able to do this if they are properly maintained and kept clean.
While regular vacuuming is important, it isn’t going to do the whole job. Routine professional area rug cleaning is key to keeping your rugs looking and feeling their best.

Doorstep Service

Our staff arrives at your doorstep with all the equipment, cleaning agent and tools they will require for cleaning the sofa.

Quality cleaning agents

We use high quality cleaning agents which are safe and effective for different types of sofas. The cleaning agent will be chosen based on your sofa’s material.

Trained staff

Our staff are trained on industry best practices and they follow standard cleaning procedures to deliver quality services.


With knowledge and experience in handling a variety of shoe materials, we have identified different cleaning agents which can be safe and effective for your sofa.

Why You Should Hire Professional Rug Cleaners?

1. Increase The Life Of Your Furniture:

Sofa & Carpet are gone through broad utilization and subsequently faces an everyday mileage. Dust and dirt are different elements that add to the sofa harm. Ordinarily, this harm will provoke you to change your sofa in a shorter period. However, instead of buying, great maintenance can be a super solution in all regards.

Professional sofa and carpet cleaners use the correct synthetic substances to dispose of the colors and dust and each help can give a new look to your sofa. Along these lines, why not look for a normal expert like Mr. Jonny Care to Increase the life of your sofa.

2. Best Techniques and cleaners:

Being professional dry cleaners, they know about the kind of chemicals to be used depending on the sensitivity of the material of the sofa and carpet where a non-professional fails.

In case you’re a fan of fabrics and materials like silk in your sofa and carpet but frightened to buy thinking about the maintenance, then, at that point don’t stress Mr. Johnny Care Dry Cleaning service takes care of all your needs the way they should be taken care of.

3. Proper Drying:

Utilization of excessive water can enter and harm the core of your Sofa and Carpet. This is the significant reason for damage to the upholstery in a majority of the cases. While the experts are very much aware of the amount of water to be utilized and the most ideal approaches to dry the sofa and carpet. Thus, spending time cleaning the upholstery yourself, and rather than getting it harmed, it is advisable to go for professional sofa and carpet cleaners.

4. No Allergens:

Even with the regular use of vacuum cleaners, dust and pollen can be stuck in your sofa and carpet. These are promoters of allergy-causing dust mites and may bring sensitivity. So, if you want to get your home free of allergens, a professional sofa and carpet cleaning service is the solution.

At Mr. Johnny Care , our rug cleaners have the tools, products, and knowledge to give your rugs a deeper clean.
Before cleaning your rug, we examine its fabric, weave, condition, and its overall level of soiling. We then choose the right cleaning solution and equipment for cleaning, based on the unique needs of your rug.
Our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process uses the natural cleaning power of carbonation and leaves no soapy residues on rug fibers. This makes Mr. JOhnny Care a perfect alternative to steam cleaning for a wide range of rugs, including area rugs and oriental rugs with deep-seated stains.

The Mr. Johnny Care rug cleaning process is ideal for practically any type of rug in your home. Our technicians are trained to clean rugs in a wide range of sizes, styles, weaves, and fibers.
Types of rugs we clean include area, oriental, shag, flat-weave, hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and machine-made rugs, as well as other less common styles.
Rug materials we clean include wool, cotton, silk, jute, nylon, polyester, animal hide, and a variety of other textiles.
To find out if we can clean a particular rug, simply contact your local Mr. Johnny Care!

When it comes to unsightly stains in rug fibers, simply contact the stain removal experts at your local Mr. Johnny Care!
Our standard rug cleaning services will eliminate the overwhelming majority of stains. For stubborn stains, such as lipstick, blood, or permanent marker, we have a range of specialty stain removal products at our disposal.
With stains, our motto is simple: “If we can’t get it out, no one can!”

Mr. Johnny Care recommends professional cleaning every 6 to 12 months for most rugs.
Regular cleaning helps fight deep-seated stains, preserves the integrity of rug fibers, and keeps your favorite rugs looking great for years to come.
The ideal cleaning schedule for rugs can differ, depending on their style and material. If you’re unsure how often to clean a particular rug, simply contact your local Mr. Johnny care for help!

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