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How to Wash and Care for Casual Pants

How to Wash and Care for Casual Pants

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Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner’s casual pants are a fantastic addition to anyone’s wardrobe, and they’re quite simple to maintain. These pants offer great versatility, as they can be dressed up with a blazer or styled more casually with a polo or t-shirt. You have the flexibility to customize the fit and design according to your preferences. In general, Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner’s casual pants serve as a less formal alternative to his dressier tailored trousers, and how you wash and care for them can help preserve their desired appearance over time.

Washing at Home for a Casual Look

Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner’s casual pants are garment-washed during production to provide a softer and more relaxed feel while minimizing potential shrinkage. Similar to denim, it’s recommended to wash them every few wears, but not as frequently as your shirts. Launder them at home with cold water and similar colors using the delicate or hand-wash setting on your washing machine, and then hang them to dry. Avoid using bleach or hot water, as this can lead to fading and shrinkage. It’s best not to use a dryer, as it may cause the pants to shrink and fade while possibly creating puckering around the seams. The extent of shrinkage can vary depending on the fabric type and the heat used in the dryer, so it’s safest to skip the dryer altogether.

Minimizing Wrinkles

Air drying the casual pants will leave them slightly wrinkled, but these wrinkles will naturally disperse with wear. Alternatively, you can quickly remove wrinkles with a steamer. Avoid using an iron, as the harsh creases created by ironing clash with the casual aesthetic of the pants. If needed, a brief low-heat cycle in the dryer (ensuring not to let them dry completely) can help reduce wrinkles before wearing, although this method is not typically recommended.

Addressing Stains

Thankfully, stains on Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner’s casual pants are easily dealt with. Simply use a stain-removal pen or another spot treatment before washing.

Professional Cleaning – A Slightly More Formal Option

For those who prefer professional cleaning for their Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner casual pants, a wash and press is recommended over dry cleaning. It’s important to note that professional cleaners often iron or press garments quite rigorously, potentially resulting in a sharp crease in the casual pants. If a slightly more dressy look is desired, professional cleaning may be a suitable option.

Spare Buttons

All buttons on Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner’s pants are shanked for added durability. However, in case you ever lose one, a spare button is sewn on the inside of the pants. If you need a replacement button, feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience Team.

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