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What Is Dry Cleaning and How Does It Work? Our Experts Explain

What Is Dry Cleaning and How Does It Actually Work? Our Experts Explain

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Taking our clothing to the dry cleaners is a frequent task on our to-do list, but it’s not often that we contemplate the intricate process by which our cherished shirts, pants, and uniforms are effectively cleaned.

In contrast to traditional laundry, which relies on water and detergent, dry cleaning is a specialized method for cleansing garments without the use of water. Surprisingly, dry cleaning does indeed render your clothes clean.

Rather than the conventional water and detergent approach, dry cleaning employs organic solvents specifically designed to lift stains while preserving the integrity of delicate fabrics like silk, wool, and velvet. Your clothing, as well as that of others, is subjected to a cleaning process within a machine akin to the washing machines we employ in our homes, albeit larger, more sophisticated, and highly adjustable. It’s important to note, though, that dry cleaning is not a task you can undertake without the requisite training and equipment.

How the Process of Dry Cleaning Works

Step 1: Tagging Your Clothes

The first thing that happens when you take your clothes to the dry cleaner is they get a special tag with a unique number. This number helps the busy folks at the dry cleaning place keep track of your clothes, so you don’t end up with someone else’s stuff by mistake.

Step 2: Spotting Stains

Next, all your clothes are carefully checked for any stains. If there are stains, they mark them and treat them with special chemicals that are made to remove those particular stains without hurting your clothes. They also take extra care to protect any fancy buttons or decorations on your garments.

Step 3: The Dry Cleaning Machine

Your clothes then go into a big machine that looks a bit like a super-sized washing machine. In there, a special liquid (or sometimes water if it’s the wet cleaning method) is used to clean your clothes. The machine is like our home washing machines, but much fancier. It can control the spinning and temperature better.

Step 4: Double-Check for Stains and Details

After the machine does its thing, your clothes are checked again to make sure all the stains are gone. They also inspect buttons, decorations, and seams to make sure everything is still in good shape. If they removed any buttons or decorations earlier, they put them back on now.

Step 5: The Final Touches

Now comes the part where they make your clothes look extra nice. Depending on the fabric, they might press, iron, or steam each piece to get rid of wrinkles. Some dry cleaners use special machines that blow air or steam to iron your clothes in the way you’d wear them, which makes them look super smooth. Finally, they give everything one last check, wrap it in plastic, and hand it back to you looking fresh and clean!

How to Get the Best Results from Your Dry Cleaner

1. Check the Care Label: Ensure your garment’s care label recommends dry cleaning. Look for the dry clean symbol, often a circle, and check for any specified dry cleaning solvent.

2. Pre-treat Stains: Inform your dry cleaner of any stains; they require pre-treatment. Knowing the stain type (coffee, oil, wine) helps them choose the best solution.

3. No Home Detergents: Avoid cleaning “dry clean only” items with home detergents. These products may freshen and de-wrinkle but don’t remove stains like professional methods.

4. Remove Plastic Covering: When you get home, remove the plastic cover, but your dry-cleaned clothes shouldn’t smell of solvent. If they do, it’s time to find a better dry cleaner.

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