Choosing the Best Hangers for Dry Clean Only Clothes

Choosing the Best Hangers for Dry Clean Only Clothes

Choosing the Best Hangers for Dry Clean Only Clothes

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When you receive your freshly cleaned clothes from your local dry cleaning service, they often come on flimsy wire best hangers that are fine for transportation but not suitable for long-term storage. These hangers can cause your garments to lose their shape and support. To keep your clothing looking its best, it’s essential to choose the right hangers based on the type of clothing you need to hang. Here’s a simple guide to help you select the right hangers for your wardrobe.

Hanger Materials:

Velvet Hangers for Delicate Items

Delicate clothing requires special care. Velvet hangers are gentle on delicate items and provide the support needed to maintain their shape. The soft velvet surface prevents clothes from slipping off.

Satin Hangers for Lightweight, Wrinkle-Prone Clothing

To preserve that freshly pressed look, satin hangers are an excellent choice. They are gentle on lightweight items and help prevent damage and creasing. Avoid using them for heavy garments like suits.

Wood Hangers for Suits and Heavy Items

Wood hangers are perfect for suits, coats, and other heavy garments. They are sturdy, maintain the shape of your clothing, and can last a long time. Plus, you can choose from various wood types for a stylish and timeless appearance.

Padded Hangers for Knits and Evening Wear

To avoid damage to knits and evening wear, opt for padded hangers. The padding won’t snag on the fabric and provides adequate support without distorting the clothing’s shape.

Plastic Tubular Hangers for Budget-Friendly Options

While not suitable for heavy items, plastic tubular hangers work well for lightweight clothing, such as shirts. Be aware that low-quality plastic hangers can lose their shape over time, so consider investing in higher-quality ones for better support.

Hanger Shape:

Choose flat hangers for T-shirts and lightweight items to maximize closet space. Opt for contoured hangers for coats, jackets, and other heavy garments that need extra support.

Important Hanger Features:

  • Trouser Bar and Shoulder Flairs: For suits and jackets, select hangers with a trouser bar to hold pants and shoulder flairs to maintain the jacket’s shape.
  • Clips: If you need to hang skirts, hangers with clips will keep them securely in place, preventing wrinkles.
  • Strap Notches: Dresses with thin straps can stay in place on hangers with strap notches, ensuring they don’t slip off.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, you can confidently choose the right hangers for your dry-cleaned garments. Simply schedule a local dry cleaning service, and when your clothes return, hang them with care on the appropriate hangers to keep them looking great. Your clothes will thank you for it!

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