1. Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner Services: Your Garments' Ultimate Guardian - Care Instructions Unveiled - Mr Johnny Care

Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner Services: Your Garments’ Ultimate Guardian – Care Instructions Unveiled

Care Instructions – All Product Types

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Custom Shirts – Refer to the Label

At Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner, we offer a wide range of shirt styles, and depending on the type of fabric used for the shirt, the care instructions will be different. Following the recommended care instructions is essential to ensure your shirt maintains its quality and longevity.

Casual Pants – Cold Wash, Air Dry

Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner’s casual pants undergo garment washing during production, providing a softer and more relaxed feel while minimizing potential shrinkage over time. Much like denim, we suggest washing them every few wears, not as frequently as your shirts. You can launder them at home using cold water and similar colours on your washing machine’s delicate or hand-wash setting, followed by air drying.

Tailored Clothing – Dry Clean Sparingly

For tailored clothing items such as jackets, dress trousers, suits, and tuxedos, dry cleaning is recommended. However, it should be done as sparingly as possible, ideally after several wears or once per season, rather than after each use. Garments cleaned less frequently tend to have a longer lifespan.

Sweaters & Knitwear – Hand Wash or Dry Clean

Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner offers sweaters in various styles and materials. A gentle hand wash in cold water is the best approach for nearly all materials and blends. After washing, lay the sweater on a dry towel, on a flat, waterproof surface. Reshaping the sweater may be necessary, but avoid stretching it beyond its original size to prevent damage. Once the sweater regains its original shape, let it air dry.

Note: Specific care instructions can also be found on the sewn-in tag within your Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner sweater. Dry cleaning is another option for cashmere and cashmere blend knits.

Essentials – Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low

Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner Essentials, which include socks, underwear, and t-shirts, are machine washable. We recommend washing items of similar colours in cold water to prevent fading or dye transfer between garments. Use a low heat setting when tumble drying or opt for air drying.

Note: Care instructions specific to your Mr. Johnny Dry Cleaner essential item will also be included on the sewn-in tag or in the original packaging.

Outerwear – Dry Clean Sparingly

Similar to Tailored Clothing, all outerwear items should only be dry cleaned. Typically, dry cleaning should be done as infrequently as possible or in response to stains.

(End of Care Instructions for Mr Johnny Dry Cleaner Services)

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